Cyber Guardian Network
Partner Program

Differentiate yourself.
Become a LookingGlass Cyber Guardian Network partner.

We are recruiting partners for the Cyber Guardian Network.

What's in it for you?

  • Award-winning* threat intelligence solutions and services from the market leader in cyber security solutions.
  • Solutions available for MSSPs, Solution Providers, Systems Integrators, and OEMs.
  • We will work closely with you to ensure success and profitability.
  • Hassle-free partnership. No haggling with the sales field and no channel conflict.
  • We won't compete with you for high margin services; we value our partners and will encourage and enable you to perform extensible services.


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As a member of the Cyber Guardian Network,
partners are authorized to selL
LookingGlass solutions allowing them to differentiate themselves in advanced Cyber Security.


ScoutShield is a high assurance, automated security appliance purposefully designed to operationalize threat intelligence into an organization’s network. This security solution delivers automated real-time threat mitigation to address the evolving cyber landscape of sophisticated security attacks. ScoutShield increases threat protection and decreases both response times and operating costs by combining our NetDefendertm threat mitigation appliance with our Malware Total Lifecycle Protection threat intelligence.

ScoutPrime™:  Enables third-party risk monitors, security operations centers, and threat researchers to use advanced threat scoring to make better decisions using actionable threat intelligence. ScoutPrime includes a RESTful API enabling customers to integrate with other security analytics tools.

ScoutVision™: Easy to use “single pane of glass” solution for all Threat Intelligence needs. ScoutVision combines real-time global Internet intelligence with hundreds of correlated threat data feeds summarized in a simple but powerful workspace. This enables security incident responders, third-party risk monitors, and threat intelligence analysts to transform threat data into action.

Machine Readable Threat Intelligence Feeds

LookingGlass provides a wide range of data feeds to help correlate external threat activity with internal systems and create timely, relevant, and actionable intelligence.

Machine-Readable Threat Intelligence Feeds            LookingGlass provides a wide range of data feeds to help correlate external threat activity with internal systems and create timely, relevant, and actionable intelligence.




Threat Intelligence Services    LookingGlass offers many threat intelligence services, such as Brand Protection Services to keep customers and their brands safe by monitoring global domain name registrations, websites, social media, and mobile app stores and marketplaces, to identify unauthorized use of their brand. Pair this with LookingGlass Response and Mitigation Service to identify brand issues, trademark abuse, and online fraud and quickly resolve them.

Response and Mitigation Service     The LookingGlass Response and Mitigation Service team works with ISPs to quickly and effectively remove offending or malicious content such as rogue applications, data leaks, phishing, and copyright and trademark violations that can pose a threat to your employees, physical and digital infrastructure, and brand.


Custom Threat Intelligence Analysis:  The LookingGlass Threat Intelligence Operation provides a highly skilled, experienced team that can conduct web-based searches, investigations and analysis quickly, efficiently and with the highest level of discretion. The Threat Intelligence Operations team works in conjunction with your own security and investigative staff to expand the breadth and depth of any assessment using our vast database of open source intelligence and threat actors, along with customized research and in-depth analysis from our team of security experts. Executive Threat Assessments and Vendor Threat Assessments are some examples of the services provided.


Cyber Safety Awareness Training    Protects your customer’s organization from the latest internet threats and reduces the high costs associated with incident remediation by providing computer-based training for employees.


Who Should Apply

We are actively recruiting successful security partners who:


Solutions ProviderS


Security Specialists


  •   Offer a solution portfolio including complementary technologies.
  •   Resell solutions and/or is a Managed Security Service Provider.
  •   Demonstrate sales acumen and technical ability surrounding cyber security.
  •   Provide Incident Response for your customers' security needs.
  •   Address commercial (enterprise to mid-market) and/or government segments.
  •   Have a vertical focus such as banking/finance, oil & gas, manufacturing.
  •   Offer a security consultancy or professional services.





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